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Selfie with Pantera #cats


Incredibly excited about the “OLD RAKE” solo album coming out on Earache Records (possibly late 2014). I’m becoming more comfortable in what my goal is with the album and after abandoning some previous experiments, the on-my-own writing process is becoming more natural to me. So far it’s coming out as a mixture of Metal with progressive/technical elements, mellow, guitar-driven expressive, experimental music and all around shred; beyond that I am just going with the flow as it comes out, so even I don’t know what to expect. This won’t be full-on Thrash Metal; I want to explore the instrument and music as widely as possible. The only remaining obstacle is finding enough time to write the fupping thing! - OL

Evile @ HellFest 2010 by Mira - Metalshots

Going to be selling my last Moser guitar; the Mvi. Any offers before I eBay it? #oldrake #evile #moser